Wednesday, May 27

Dream Job

What's your dream job? Mine would be anything that includes traveling and seeing the world for free and hopefully also earn some moolah in doing so. I knew it!!! I should have tried out for a Discovery or NatGeo stint. *sigh*

My Dream Jobs:
- Be a paid traveler (I wish I wish I wish!)
- Be a pre-school teacher / special education teacher (I love kids!)
- Be a staff at Oprah or Ellen (imagine the places I'd be able to go to and the people I'll meet!)
- Be a professional shopper! (Wow.. to be paid to shop.. wow!)

I long for the day wherein I'll be able to say...

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I'm out.


Eliza said...

Ako rin, I wanna be a paid traveler =)

kg said...

uy! ultimate dream job ko din where i will be paid to travel! the best yun! :)

i also want to be an events organizer.per mukhang hectic masyado yun! he! he!

tortangtagalog said...

dream job? astronaut! hehehe

Cza said...

@Eliza - Tara! Tara! As if ganon ganon lang pwede e noh. Hays. :P

@kg - the best nga tlaga! ooooh.. events organizer.. sounds fun.. and yeah.. sounds hectic too! :P

@tortangtagalog - wow! never thought of that.. yun pala gusto mo. nice! :D

happyskies said...

my friend gets paid to travel pero kasi naman she's a writer for a travel magazine! swerte noh? hehehe for free pa ung trips! :)

Cza said...

@happyskies - waaaaah! I want her job. :P kainggit!

Melissa said...

Ummm, it would have to be... a well business owner. And btw, dreams do come true. I'm working on mine, but I need to educate myself a little more. I chose wisely which book I would use.."The Job Coach for Young Professionals." One of it's main topics is "how to land your dream job."

Rico said...

Alam mo dati dream job ko maging chauffeur (driver ng mayayaman para maganda tsikot) para madali lang trabaho ko, mag drive lang, tapos nun wala na. That way, I'd have lots ot time to read books. Ngayon, siguro web designer/programmer.

princess_dyanie said...

dream job ko yung nasa travel and living sa discovery channel! yay!