Sunday, April 25


We just celebrated our 32nd month of togetherness last week. Just a few more months then we'll be in our 3rd year already. How time flies... Looking back at all the pictures we have, I still feel giddy everytime I'm with him. And what's even more amazing is that the fun just never stops ;D

Love love love! :)

I'm out.


Dea said...

Yihee! I'm such a sucker for posts like this. ♥ My boyfriend and I like to count how many months we've been together as well. :D

Wishing you more months of happiness and adventures together.



princess_dyanie said...

woohoo!! advance happy 3years! more more more years!! :)

Rico said...

And it never will. Even until you guys get married. Happy 32nd month!

Kayni said...

Happy 32nd and more!

docgelo said...

when do we get to view wedding announcements here? *kidding*
seriously, here's wishing a lovelier years ahead of you two.

Cza said...

@Dea - thanks! :D and thanks for dropping by too. :D

@dyanie - yiheeee.. ikaw din! ;P

@rico - awwwww.. thanks! sana nga! parang you and your wifey :D

@docgelo - soooon? hahaha! kidding! baka matakot si arvic bigla :))