Tuesday, April 6

Spiraling Away

Spent the holy week up north with the family. And I'm still not done sorting pics. We spent our first night/day at Baguio for some rest before another long roadtrip to Mt. Province. We stayed at one of our Aunt's house at La Trinidad Benguet. I love her house.. and I particularly liked this one pine tree and a spiral staircase. :)

What do I do when I like something... I take pics of it of course. :)

My cousins Mika and Joyce

Us two

View from the top

View from below

I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

A real pine tree! Ang ganda ng place. Sarap magrelax dyan. =)

Kayni said...

that is a pretty tree. oh how i miss Baguio. enjoy your trip to my native land, mt. province.

kg said...

parang ang sarap naman sa lugar na yan! may pine tree effect!

ang init dito sa atin! i wanna go there!!! :)

Calv said...

nice place. ako galing naman cebu nung holy week. dami ring pics na i-sort out. hehehe.

docgelo said...

does your aunt decorate that lovely pine tree every christmas?
well, it's already awesome sans lights and decors. nice!

caryn said...

nice pics cza! it looks very cool up there ;-)