Sunday, April 25

A really interesting cafe name

While we were looking for a place to have dinner at on our 2nd night at Bantayan, we ended up eating at this cafe...

My initial reaction when I saw the name was "What's with the spelling???". So I asked around and found out that they intentionally misspelled it because they had a number of complaints when they first put up their sign. Hmmmm... I wonder why... ;P

The place was homey and looked liked an oversize "modern" bahaykubo.

I especially liked the place mat and the really nice tables.

As for the food.. unfortunately, there's nothing spectacular about it (based on what we ordered. For 'lutong bahay' menus, I always end up comparing it to my mom's cooking. And my mom's cooking is a hundred if not a millions times better than what the cafe could offer. :P Nevertheless, here are the pics.

I'm out.


aryehgizbar said...

nosebleed... di ko kinaya yung name. lol

kg said...

grabe ang name...di ko ata tanggap! pero ang place, tanggap na tanggap ko. ang ganda! :)

docgelo said...

quaint place with an unusual name.

Cza said...

@ariel - hahahaha! ako din, tawa ko ng tawa dyan!

@kg - at nagtry pa tlaga silang baguhin daw yung name.

@docgelo - the food isn't that good though.