Sunday, April 18

Cebu Trip 2010 with Family - Foodies!

Guilty, I am. Because while I was browsing through pics, I realized that I neglected to write more about the food I(we) devoured during our family trip in Cebu. So before I post about our Baguio/Mt. Province trip and start with my Bantayan trip with friends, I will finish-up with the Cebu series first. :)

One thing about staying in Shangrila Mactan in Cebu is that you get overwhelmed with not just how nice the place is.. but also with the food.

Breakfast was awesome! We had daily breakfast at the "Tides"

The selection was really good.


Now don't get me started on lunch menu. :P

I'm out.


buhayprinsesa said...

nakakagutom ang pics :)

docgelo said...

wonderful spread! i wouldn't mind waking up early for this great filling breakfast!

Chyng said...

I love!
At basta may mango yogurt, solb na ko! Ü

Kayni said...

everything looks yummy

Photo Cache said...

that spread is awesome, is it part of the accommodation package?

princess_dyanie said...

saraaap! iba na talaga pag naka vacay haha! :P

Cza said...

@photocache yup it is! :D