Thursday, April 15


Seems like I'm on a blog break. Just realized I haven't posted for days and I'm still not done sorting pics to post. Anyway, this week has been THE week for me. I finally did it.. I resigned. I have a lot planned ahead and it's mostly vacation trips with the family. I think I need this break. I WANT this break. :)

What's ahead?
-SG trip with friends and Arvic
-US trip with family

1-2 months of no work that hopefully I'll survive *financially*. HAHAHA!

I'm a giddy giddy girl again. I haven't felt like this for months. Love it! :)

A sneak peek of our Bantayan trip...

One happy pedicab ride :)

I'm out.


Leda said...

wow, MONTHS of vacation! kainggiiiit! :)

dyosa said...

Happy Trips!

Calv said...

nice a break from going to the office. hayyy. congratulations!

Rico said...

Buti ka pa makakapagbakasyon. Enjoy!
Sana ako din! Kaso damin work.

Kayni said...

any chance you'll visit DC? enjoy the break.

docgelo said...

we need to pause and exhale sometimes. enjoy every moment of your break! =)

princess_dyanie said...

czaaaaa! resigned ka na din! sumunod ka sa yapak ko haha! lets see before you leave! o madami ka ng free time ah hehe :P

kg said...

wow cza! puro ka bakasyon ha! and tlagang na in love ka na sa singapore! :)