Friday, April 23

Virgin Beach

Our 2nd day in Bantayan was planned to be spent at Virgin Beach. Manong told us that we can head there early and he'll prepare our food for lunch and we can eat there as well. We just needed to give him money the night before to buy the food to be cooked.

It was a 1-hour boatride from Hoyohoy to Virgin Beach (Island), as we approach the island it was evident that the water was indeed clearer there. Manong told us that Virgin beach/island was privately owned and that the caretaker charges an entrance fee for visitors to enjoy the beach. Costs around P50 each.

Yes, the sand was white! Not as powdery as Bora though, but it was secluded, as if we were the only people there for quite some time. During lunch time, a few other boats arrived as well. As our lunch was being prepared, we opted to go swimming and have a lot of picture-taking. :)

Group pics!

Lunchtime! Let the eating begin...

Sarap! :)

If only Bantayan wasn't THAT far, I'd definitely go back.

I'm out.


Calvin said...

looks like white beach in camiguin without trees. yeah ang layo nga to go to bantayan island. try camotes island next time.

Kayni said...

beautiful beach. i'm very shy so i like secluded beaches. the food looked incredibly delicious.

princess_dyanie said...

parang temptation island lang ang mga pics haha! btw, how was the ferry ride?

docgelo said...

i viewed this post with envy, LOL!
crystal waters, beach that boasts of tranquility, freshest seafoods in the company of friends and love ones, what more can you ask for? =)

btw, i like your pictures with boats. i don't know, but i am always fascinated with photos of boats near the shores. great captures, cza!

the donG said...

i think next to seeing great beaches there would be the food.

bantayan remains to be one of my favorite. the length of travel doesnt matter to me. im planning to go there next year and explore some more islands there.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Great beach, great food, great company, a terrific combination. Di ko pa narating ang Bantayan but I've been to Malapascua also up in northern Cebu.

Cza said...

@calvin - sige, we'll put that in our list :D

@kayni - yeah.. REALLY secluded. You should visit it too :D

Cza said...

@dyanie - the ferry ride was okay. :) malaki naman yung ferry e, may mga kasabay nga kami na cars. hehe!