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The Wang-Wang Syndrome

Pic is from HERE. Thanks!

I was on my way to work on this rainy rainy Thursday and was anticipating the heavy traffic along EDSA already. So I went inside the car prepared... I have my fully charged cellphone on full blast playing songs from the phone's radio (Troopie's radio is busted). I was trying real hard not to be affected by the traffic+rain combo and just be cool and calm about it then....


Three cars with red plate numbers are trying to get ahead of everybody. My initial thought was "Where the hell do you think you're going? Everyone's stucked... Might as well just 'go with the flow'". But noOoOooOo.. seems like they were really on a hurry. When 1 of the cars passed by, I tried to look at who's in it. Tadaaaaa.. just the driver. Then the 2nd car passed.... Tadaaaaaa.. just a driver and a bodyguard maybe. Then the 3rd car passed... it was darkly tinted so I wasn't able to look at the passenger. So I'm guessing, that's THE government official's car.

Got me thinking... maybe that's why our traffic problems never seem to be resolved. THEY don't experience traffic at all with all their Wang-Wang-ed cars. Aren't they public officials, ergo they're supposed to be one with the public. We (the public) experience traffic, I really think they should too. Maybe that way they'll focus more on clearing it up and fixing up roads. Agree?

*Biiiiiig Sigh*... Just my two cents for the day.

I'm out.


oliboy said…
very well said!

kaya wala silang alam kasi they're living the good life with all the benefits...

one thing: yun lang airport natin, sa dami ng visits nila abroad, dpa ba sila nahihiya sa itsura ng airport natin compared to others?!?
witsandnuts said…
Pag may nagwang-wang dito, talagang may emergency. Mahirap baguhin ang "naging tradisyon" na.
ifoundme said…
hehehe! ganun talaga... kahit sa ibang bansa, that's how they do things for government officials.
ALiNe said…
Hay sinabi mo pa... kakainis talaga yang mga yan...
kg said…
diba ambulance lang ang may karapatan mag wang-wang?

these government officials should "ECPERIENCE" what we're experiencing so that they would take action. hmp!
Rico said…
Here's a thought: Aren't they supposed to serve the public? So hindi ba dapat lang na tayo ang gumagamit ng Wang Wang nila?

In situations like that, follow suit and turn on your car's hazard, hehe :)
caryn said…
hahahaha! loved the title ;-) ewan ko ba why they have a twisted concept of public service ;-(
ana6elle said…
nung isang araw, paliko sa street nila Arvic, may wangwang din nakasabay, nag overtake sakn, biglang may lumabas na kamay sa SUV window, para sakin yung sign 'Buses only in Yellow Lane' oh diba may ganun pa talagang ready signage?!! dapat nasa left lane pala pag papunta dun tapos biglang mega swerve nalang pag papunta dun sa Harvard =) =p anlabo *gigil*

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