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I wish that you could be.. DREAMwalking along with me :)

Dream Quote:
You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?" - George Bernard Shaw

"What's your dream?".

Me? When I was younger, it was my ultimate dream to become a doctor. I play dress-up and try to cure my barbie dolls and teddy bears. Then when I grew up a little more, I wanted to be a nun. Oh yes, you read that right. A nun. I wanted to be the one who'll grow old taking care of my parents and serve papa God also. Come to think of it.. I think I would have been the most playful and noisiest nun ever. Funny funny thought. =p Then.. highschool came and college life came and I just dreamt of graduating on time and landing a decent job. Now here I am, now part of the working class and I still dream of being somewhere else but here at times. Haha!... I dream of settling down and having a family of my own too of course. Nothing beats having a great great family to share your dreams with too. I know, coz I grew up from a pretty damn great one too. :) Lastly, I plan to travel the world and spread the love. There's still soooo much in life to see and discover!

I think the main purpose of having dreams is that we all need something to look forward to. Our yearning never ends. And personally, I think it's healthy. Keeps us all with a positive outlook and keeps us grounded as well. :)


This one's my entry to littlemissfirefly's anniversary contest. :)

I'm out.


arvic said…
oooooh.. i wish i was dreamwalkin with YOU!.. ;)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
I love this blog! - bloghopper
princess_dyanie said…
hay, settling down. emo mode ako waaah :P
ms firefly said…
hello cza, thanks for joining! ^-^
i really appreciate your taking time to join and writing down your dream. i feel special that i got to share in your secret feelings! hihi

keep your dreams alive, and i pray that they'd all come true!
kg said…
travel! travel! travel! he! he!

i can feel that you are a wonderful daughter, with the way you love and care for your family. in the end, our family will be the ones who will always be there for us. :)
Cza said…
@arvic - ang kulit mo dear! :P

@bloghopper - hey thanks! ;D

@dyanie - emoooooo... :P tama na yan ha. haha!

@ms firefly - my pleasure.. I actually had fun!

@kg - awwww... i so agree! :D

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