Wednesday, July 1

My Sister's Wedding

It was THE day she has been waiting for. :) After all the chaotic planning, stressful decision-making, and tearful speeches.. Finally, they're husband and wife. 11 years of togetherness, one wonderful son, and a lifetime of dreams to fulfill ahead.

Most of the pics were copied from here! Thanks!

Highlights of the day:
-My Papa's heartfelt speech, I actually cried. :P
-My Ate saying "Whenever we attended weddings, ayaw namen pag boring, so we really wanted this event not to be boring", so that explains why there were many games. The guests were 'game' as well. :P
-The food was prepared by the groom himself (and his chef friends), they were delish! I remember hearing several guests asking who the caterer was. Naaaaaks! *Kudos* to the Chef!
-Andy (my nephew) covering his ears when the band (together with his dad, yes.. he also was part of a band before) started playing then he shouted "Ang ingay, hungry na akoooo!"

It was a fun fun fun day. Definitely wasn't a boring wedding. :) CONGRATS!

I'm out.


tortangtagalog said...

like the pics! congrats to your ate! :)

leda said...

hawig mo sis mo sa isang part ng face, but i can't point out which exactly. hehe. nyway, congrats to your sis! :)

Cza said...

@tortangtalong - tenchu tenchu! :D

@leda - totoo?!? syempre hindi ko makita yung resemblance. Haha!

witsandnuts said...

I agree, may hawig kayo ng sister mo. Best wishes!

princess_dyanie said...

kamukha mo sis mo hehe ;)

congratz to your ate and bro in law! :)


awww, finally! :) congrats to your sis pakner!
uhmm, i like your pic of the groom playing his guitar :)

and i agree, super look-alikes na kayo ni ate :p Haha. happy day ^_^

Cza said...

@witsandnuts - thanks! (parang ako yung kinasal e noh.) hahaha!

@princess_dyanie - hindi kayaaaaa! hehe. Thanks thanks!

@Anne - Hap-hap-happy! :D

vaniza said...

Congrats to your sis! Ikaw, Cza? Kelan? :) I like the man with a guitar photo. I'm a fan of sepia treatments. :)

Cza said...

@vaniza - naku naku.. matagal paaaa. :P