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My Space

When things get awfully tiring..
Seek for silence.
Most of the time,
the loudest lessons are found ---
At the most quiet corners of our lives.

My special space would be somewhere quiet. A spa room maybe? Initially, I decided to post TonTon's logo or maybe some other spa's logo but then I realize, they're not entirely just "my" space. Then I remembered a place wherein I've been running to since I started working.

I have been part of 2 companies already and both are from RCBC. During up or down times, during stressful and happy days, I tend to end-up at the RCBC chapel. I just sit there and talk to Him. Sometimes I just sit there and listen to Him talk to me. During those days wherein I felt really betrayed by certain evil people (=p), that place kept me calm and protected. The good thing about that chapel too is that I wasn't aware that my future significant other spent time there too. Arvic frequents that chapel also. And I just knew about it when we started going out already. Sometimes I can't help but think that maybe papa God had a funny idea of putting us in each other's life. Maybe He thought "Eto na naman tong dalawang to, sila na lang kaya mag-usap" (Here they are again, maybe I should let them talk to each other instead.) Haha! It's possible right? Papa God really has a good sense of humor.

If I have written this when I was still in college.. I would have chosen the DLSU chapel too. I guess I really have things for chapels. It's my little getaway haven. :)

This is my entry to Caryn's Bday Post. :)

I'm out.


witsandnuts said…
RCBC Plaza baby here. Spent a number of years there. Nakakamiss.
kg said…
nice. i also frequent chapels. when i was in high school, every day, before classes, i would pass by the church to pray. when i worked nearby, ganun din, before work, daan muna ako doon. now, i try my best to pass by churches. there's something calming about them diba? :)
ana6elle said…
me 3. I remember skipping a 630 am meeting, hid and stayed there for an hour hihihi. DLSU chapel is nice. I also went several times kasi madalas ako sa library nyo though taga CSB ako hehe. - anonybee
ana6elle said…
I miss RCBC!!!! I miss the 'long walks'on my way home. Damn McKinley building! ayaw ko dito kahit may free tea at rec rm pa. (wala ring chapel)
Rico said…
When I was in high school, I drop by this big cathedral before riding the jeepney home.

He does have a weird sense of humor!
princess_dyanie said…
being in the church has calming effect talaga. very peaceful.

ive been in the rcbc bldg for almost 4 yrs but i haven't gone to their chapel :P
Cza said…
@witsandnuts - awwww.. memories. :D

@kg - yeah.. really really calming. :)

@ana6elle - haha! ginawang taguan. kulit! =p balik na sa RCBC kasi!

@Rico - I bet he often laugh at all our antics and funny thoughts. Haha! :P

@princess_dyanie - visit na! :D

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