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Meet my Jacob :)

Over the weekend... we bought 3 notebooks. Yes 3. So I'm pretty sure the store/s we went to were very very very happy. Hahaha! =p

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce my Jacob.

Yes.. I was planning on getting the pink or purple one, but then I didn't want white keyboards. I can just imagine it turning dirty white in just a week or so and I don't really like dirty white. =p He's so tiny, handy and sexy.. me likey! :D Arvic and my brother both got the black one.

I'm pretty sure we'll be spending lots of time together and I'll be online most of the time too. So hellllllllo blog entries! :D Hahaha! I'll post actual pics of them (mine & Arvic's) once they "bond" sometime soon. :D I'm still giddy giddy giddy with the purchase I made... ^_____^

I'm out.


Goomba Face said…
Jacob is gorgeyyY!!! Pero mas gorge ka sa user pic mo. :P
witsandnuts said…
Woooot! I love the name!
kg said…
wow! ok ha. malamang nagbabakasyon na yung nag-assist sa inyo! nice laptop! :)
happyskies said…
wow congrats! it looks man-ly! hehe same kayo ni arvic na lenovo? heheh ang cute nyo! :) hehehe
Cza said…
@Goomba Face - Hahah! :P

@witsandnuts - Thanks! :D

@kg - oh yes.. todo smile nga sya and super assist. :D

@happyskies - yeah pareho.. different color lang. :D
ChaCha said…
anong name nung kay Arvic? :)
Anonymous said…
nice =) - anoneebees
princess_dyanie said…
akala ko kung anung notebook, netbook pala haha! :P wow social 3 pa binili!!! :)
atticus said…
aba, aba. may perang naipon ang bata.
the donG said…
nice! congratulations! can we know why jacob?
Cza said…
@Chacha - Sirius ata. Haha!

@anonyb - tenchu! :D They should meet your mr. big. :)

@princess_dyanie - kkb yan! Hahaha!

@atticus - opo. hindi na po kumakain ang bata. hahahaha!

@dongho - the full name is... JACOB BLACK. oh yes, twilight mania. Haha!
prinsesamusang said…
wow woot woot so hot!
Cza said…
@prinsesamusang - salamat! :D were you referring to me though? hahaha!
Rico said…
Astig ni Jacob ah!
ana6elle said…
oo nga! tara na't mag krispy kreme one of these days =)
ana6elle said…
ano palang name nung sa bro mo? hmm Joe Black? hehe pinaka macho
petchut said…
hinanap ko pa tong entry hehe. anong model? S10 ba 'to?

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