Thursday, July 23

It's our 100th.. and our 23rd too :D

100 weeks of togetherness.
23 months of fun-filled moments.

We should have been celebrating this together today but I went home early because I felt really sick and he got stomped with work. Oh well....


Some things are meant to happen.
Some things are bound to be.
Love has a way of making doubting hearts believe.
Sometimes in spite of difference,
sometimes against all odds,
some things are meant to happen.
It's written in the stars

Yiheeeeeee... meant to be! :P Hahaha!

To my partner in crime and in everything else.... Hap-Hap-Happy Day! :) Love you!

I'm out.


arvic said...

awwwww... Happy 100th and Happy 23rd dear! i love you! :D

princess_dyanie said...

happy anniv to the both of you! more love!

btw, parang i saw the both of u kanina sa may kangaroo jack ba yun. basta sa tabi ng gloria jeans sa bldg natin haha :P di ko lang sure kasi medyo malayo eh

Cza said...

@arvic - aawwwww.. love you Dear! Let's try to celebrate over the weekend. :D

@princess_dyanie - oh yes, we were there, that was us! :D sana you said hello. ;)

kg said...

sweet naman! one more month and it will be 2 years for you!!!! yahooo! :)

happyskies said...

wow!!! it's been more than 2 years na pala sis! :) congrats and I pray for continued happiness sainyo ni Arvic!! :)

ChaCha said...

happy anniv, Arvic and Cza!! let's celebrate!! hihihi

hugss to you both!

ana6elle said...

happy anniv! para sa inyo talaga yung quote ko na yun -) hehe

Cza said...

@kg - yeah.. how time flies when you're in love. uuuuy.. cheesy! =P Haha!

@happyskies - mag2years pa lang sis. Thanks! :D

@ChaCha - Tenchuuuu! Tara celebrate. :D

@ana6elle - una kayo ni rexrex dapat. :D required!