Sunday, July 26

Make-Up 101

A friend of mine (Hi Anne!) had an interesting idea to sign-up for some make-up 101 class one day. And a number of us immediately said yes! Personally, I really am not so into make-up and really fixing-up daily, too much effort! But then again, I think it's time to learn some make-up tricks. It'll come in handy soon maybe? Who knows... so off to Eastwood City we went. It turned out to be a really interesting and fun afternoon of girl bonding, color blending and laughs. :)

Start-up Brushes

Our "Tools" :)

We were given a number of tips and demos.

Anne was the first model because she arrived earliest. :)

We were jotting down notes like we were in college class. We even had printed slides! Haha! :D

Us in action....

Thank you Suzanne for being so patient with us. Plus, we all loved the Suesh brushes. :)

Lessons learned:
-Blend blend blend
-Brush brush brush
-Have fun fun fun. :)

I'm out.


ChaCha said...

nakita ko na yung mga brushes ni eliza!! ang galing!

Aimee said...

gusto ko rin nito!!! =)

Panaderos said...

Very cute entry. Glad to know that you and your friends had a fun time learning new things about applying make-up. :)

Thank you very much for linking to my site. I appreciate it a lot. I hope you won't mind if I do the same. Take care.

Eliza said...

Super bigat ng bag ko today kasi dala ko lahat sila! hahaha

Cza said...

@ChaCha - Sayang! Sana sumama ka.. Happy Anniv to the parentals :D how was it?

@Aimee - Gawin naten paguwi mo? :P

@Panaderos - Thanks for linking me back :D

@Eliza - syempre dinala mo lahat! Ang kulit. :D Sana pati yung makeup toolkit. Torture!

witsandnuts said...

That looks much fun! Until now hanggang face powder, lipstick and a little cheek blushing lang ang alam ko. Most of the time, wala akong make-up.

Dennis Villegas said...

wow, pwede rin kaya ako mag-aral

you and your friends are all beautiful!

princess_dyanie said...

wow! so into make up ka na? hehehe ;)

Cza said...

@witsandnuts - Ako ganon pa dun, powder lang and lip gloss. Hahaha! :D But I did have fun. Got some tips :P and it's a good time to bond with girlfriends :)

@dennis - why not? Hehehe. Thanks for the compliment ;)

@princess_dyanie - wish ko nga kareerin e. Hahaha! Pero mahirap pala sya. :) Fun fun! Try mo din. :)

ifoundme said...

nakakainggit naman! sana may ganito rin dito sa bacolod. lipstick lang ako parati kasi i don't know how to put on some make up. workshops like this can be a really big help.

Aimee said...

i want i want i want!!! hehe.