Monday, October 19

Rain Rain Rain

It's raining pretty hard again. Really hard. I can just imagine a lot of people panicking and really worried around the Metro. Tsktsktsk.

Keep safe everyone. Let's all hope it stops soon and won't last all throughout the night.

Prayers.. prayers..

I'm out.


prinsesamusang said...

have you been affected by ondoy? i hope you are safe. i think the typhoon is hitting the north again, that is why it is raining in the metro.

princess_dyanie said...

i get worried everytime it rains. ewan ko ba. i feel praning. nakaka trauma si ondoy.

Dennis Villegas said...

I share in your prayers, Cza. take care my friend!

Cza said...

@prinsesamusang - fortunately, not that much. But when the next typhoon hit the northern part, I was devastated.. that was "home" for me. =(

@princess_dyanie - true! traumatic tlaga.

@dennis - amen. :)