Tuesday, October 27

Our Favorite BBQ Sauce

..of course must be partnered with our favorite ribs! Ooooh so saucy! ;p

We celebrated our 26th by having lunch at Racks. :) We have been 'dieting' for weeks now and this was our cheat day. We enjoyed the food of course.

No pics of the ribs.. we were too hungry already and forgot all about taking pics. I can't imagine eating Ribs at Racks without the sauce. It just compliments the meat really well. But for some reason, I have this feeling that the regular sauce is spicier than usual lately. Maybe my tastebuds are all confused with all the dieting I've been doing. Haha!

I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

Oh well, I'm updated with the dieting you're doing based on your tweets. Hahaha. Buti na lang may cheat day. =)

princess_dyanie said...

you're on a diet?

best ribs = racks! :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Congrats, Cza and happy 26th! It's good to diet once in a while ;)

Oh and I must try that sauce on some grilled ribs, too!

kg said...

favorite din namin ang racks. we always buy their sauces. my father and brother use that for almost anything, including fish and lumpia! he! he!

Rico said...

Our family favorite. Kung walang handaan sa bahay, and eating out is the only option, we go to Racks.
I suggest you buy the sauce and just grill your own chops at home! Cheaper.

Cza said...

@everyone - tara! racks tayo? :D