Tuesday, October 6

Health is Wealth

pic is from HERE. Thanks!

I went back to the gym today.. and found out that I have low blood pressure and that I get easily tired already even if I'm just 15 minutes into running at the threadmill. =\

So now is the time to start eating and staying healthy. :)

Healthy food suggestions from friends:

- Oatmeal for breakfast
This, I may have a hard time doing because I'm really not a fan of oatmeal. Might consider eating whole grain cereals instead. Let's see. :)

- No rice
This, I already have been doing since Sunday. *congratulates self!* Surprisingly, it's not that hard to do. I swear I believe I was soooo depressed when I first tried this one before. So maybe, Mama was really right, "It's all in the mind." :)

- More fruits / fruit juices

- Lots of water
Which reminds me, I should refill my tumbler already. :)

I'm contemplating on buying a threadmill or other gym equipment too, I'll be reimbursing it, time to make proper use of our company's individual wellness fund. :)

Any other suggestions? Feel free to share. Thanks a lot!

I'm out.


dyosa said...

What gym do you go to?

Akalain mo nga namang we have the same to-dos and goals. I'd rather go to the gym than buy a treadmill. Tamad ako eh. Mabubulok lang ang machine sa house. LOL.

Cza said...

Hi B'ley :)

Slimmers. :) Their branch in Pasay Road. Go go go! Panahon na para maging healthy. Hehe. LOL.

kg said...

wow...new look! :)

try eating the oatmeal with fruits. plus i put a little condensed milk to the oatmeal para naman may lasa! :)

witsandnuts said...

Yay for the wellness fund. I miss going to the gym. Ewan ko ba, natatamad ako mag enroll pag dito sa gyms na UAE. Lol. I'm intending to buy a treadmill, too.

Kai said...

WOW Pasay Road. Parang malayo sayo? I'm thinking along the lines that Pasay Road is in Pasay. Haha

Congrats on getting by without rice for 3 days now. Ang daming nahihirapan pero once you get used to it, hindi mo na rin hahanapin.

Don't forget to get your daily dose of carbs, though, even if from bread lang (whole wheat)

Vaniza (van-nee-zuh) said...

Woot! Woot! That was me last year. Got back to my old self. hahaha! Nega?! no! Go, Cza!

Cza said...

Hi KG! :)

Yeah, I'll try that. Takot ko lang na baka magend up mas marami pa yung fruits and condensed milk kaysa sa oatmeal :)) LOL.

Cza said...

Hi Jo! :)

Naku.. sana nga may inexpensive na equipment. An officemate of mine got one just for around 10K. Promo daw kasi because it was Toby's anniversary. :)

Cza said...

Hi Kikai!

Pasay Road.. the street beside Dusit Hotel. Malapit lang naman dito kahit papano. :)

dyosa said...

Slimmers ka pala. Akala ko pa naman makakasabay kita. Hehe. I go to FF Platinum in RCBC :-)

Good luck sa atin!

Dennis Villegas said...

Thanks for reminding us. Oo nga kailangan na mag-gym heheh. Matagal ko ng pangarap mag-gym kaya lang ang panahon ang kalaban tlaga ;)