Sunday, October 18

It's the start of something New?

Another new layout for me.. Just because. :P

A friend of mine told me that my current changes in blog layout is a reflection of what I want in my own life... CHANGE. Hmmmm.. interesting.

We watched 'Julie & Julia' yesterday. It was entertaining, interesting and an eye-opener for me, well actually it'll be an an eye-opener for anyone who feels that they're 'stucked' with their daily routine. Just mid-way through the movie, I whispered to Arvic "I want to learn to cook". I shall look for a cookbook with simple meals that'll help beginners like me. :) Yay! Something new for me to do.

Must get ready for Daniel's wedding... Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

I'm out.


arvic said...

nice layout dear!:D

AMCB said...

thank you dear! :D

princess_dyanie said...

ang cute ng header! :P

Cza said...

@arvic and dyanie - Tenchu! Hawig ko ba? :P