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Yes... It's Pyro Olympics season again sooooon.

And surprise surprise! It'll no longer be held on the Mall of Asia. It'll be at the Fort Open Grounds, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


Here's the poster:


VIP - P1,500 (inclusive of dinner)
Special viewing areas - P500
General viewing areas - P200

VIP - P6,000
Special viewing areas - P 2,000
General viewing areas - P 800

Now accepting reservations for VIP and the Special Viewing Areas.
Please call 568-6908 or 3840239 for reservations or visit

Hmmm.. Will we be watching? Let's see. It depends on my budget by that time. Haha!

I'm out.


witsandnuts said…
Go and see it!

PS. Ang kyoot ng header mo. I like this wordpress theme na may girl sa header that sort of like me. Kaya lang complicated yung ibang portions (esp. body of post, etc.) kaya ayokong gamitin.
arvic said…
ooooh.. pyro olympics! lez go! :D
Cza said…
@Jo - Tenchu! :D I love it too :D

@arvic - really dear? yung free? Haha!
Anonymous said…
wow. go lang ng go!
princess_dyanie said…
bakit may bayad? eh diba sa sky naman yan makikita? i don't get it.
kg said…
ako i love watching fireworks, pero from afar! sa baka from serendra or high street na lang ako manood...libre pa! he! he!
Cza said…
@dyanie and kg - naku.. gagawa ako ng paraan para maenjoy pa rin ang fireworks for free. :D
Nortehanon said…
I was able to see it twice already, yung free lang. But as you've mentioned it is not going to be held in MOA this time, I might not be able to see it. The new venue is far na from where I live.

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