Saturday, October 3

Part of the Mafia

Okay... So if we're facebook friends, you'll notice that I've been hooked with another FB game lately. It's Mafia Wars! And it's all Arvic's fault. :P

So I've been doing jobs, collecting money from illegal rackets and attacking strangers just for the sake of leveling-up.. Then I get this random message from one of the people I supposedly attacked.

Checked on his profile and he's a guy in his late 30's, with a pic of himself riding a horse. Oooohh.. Haciendero? =p Hmmmm... so should I stop playing Mafia Wars now? =\ Haha! Naaaah.. The game's still enjoyable. Might as well just stay away from that person. Or maybe I'll ask Arvic to attack him. Haha!

Dear o!!! *nagsumbong talaga ako..* Haha!

I'm out.


Rico said...

Tell him you work better alone! Then attack full force again! hehe

kikainess said...

Tinawag ka ngang cute eh! Take it! Take it!!

Cza said...

@Rico - Hahaha! Pwede! :D Good idea.

@kikai - Hahaha! Tlagang take it take it e noh. :P