Friday, October 16

Are you Cultivated?

I got this from a friend. I was able to name a number of them and mind you I was tempted to google but I'm proud I didn't. I was on my way on numbering my 18th find already when Arvic sent me a list of the ones he named already, his list had 41. Oh well... at least we know now who's more cultivated between the two of us. Bleh. :P

Wanna give it a try?

The note says that there are 100 world-known personalities in this painting. If you can name at least 25, then you can consider yourself a cultivated person. Good luck!

I think if you click it you can view a larger version.

It's Friday!!!! :) Happy weekend everyone!

I'm out.


leydi said...

ang hirap naman! i had only 10, and i'm not even sure with them kase cartoon-y e! hahaha!

Panaderos said...

Wow. That is such a challenge!

How have you been, Ms. C? Take care always. :)

kg said...

i won't even try. i am NOT! :)