Friday, January 7

Ti Amo

First foodtrip of the year included a stop at Caffe Ti Amo at Greenbelt 5. From what I read from different sites, Caffe Ti-Amo is a South Korean franchise brought to the Philippines by Jollibee Food Corp. Naman Jollibee ha.... ang yaman mo talaga! :P

We just needed to try out their Gelato. We ordered the medium sized cup which gave you the option to choose 3 flavors. We had chocolate, caffe, and dulce de leche. :) Yum! Perfect combination :D

Plus, the place really looked cozy.

Next time we plan to try this out...

Or their other bestseller called Affogato, it's hot espresso topped with vanilla or tiramisu gelato. The gelato is first topped with cashew nuts with the espresso poured slowly over the mixture. Sounds delicious!

The verdict: Yes, we will definitely go back. :)

I'm out.


The Manila Girl said...

I guess it's what they got to replace Delifrance! That waffle + gelato looks enticing!

Cza said...

Hi Manila Girl! :D

Yeah, maybe this is it. PEro good choice for a replacement. The place looks good! and the coffee is good as well. :D