Wednesday, January 26

Color Coordinated

I still have nothing to do on my new work. So lots of free time to blog and browse through old pics. I was looking at our US trip pics and saw this. I remember why I took pics of this... we wanted to cheer up my younger brother, who was the only one who wasn't with our family on this trip.

Mama and her favorite color: Purple

Me and my self-proclaimed color of 2010: Orange
The reason behind it: I wanted my 2010 to be really vibrant and fierce

Andy and his favorite color: Red

And this spot is supposedly for Ivan (my brother): Greeeeen

All pics were taken at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Specifically in the Crayola store. :D

I wanna go back to the US. :D

I'm out.

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kg said...

kakatuwa naman! kaya naman pala makulay....asa crayola store kayo! ang galing! ganda siguro dyaan! :)