Saturday, January 15

Little Tokyo

After a number of failed attempts to have dinner at Little Tokyo, finally we were successful this time around. Hello Little Tokyo!

Eventhough it was the middle of the week, I was surprised to see that the place was still close to being full.

It was nice that we were with a friend who knew about the place already. So he suggested that we get a table in the middle and not inside the restaurants so we can look around and order the specialties from different stalls. I guess we can do this as long as we order something from the place we were seated at. We got a table at Riozen.

So here's the food!

My favorite food that night... Takoyaki!

I think this one's called Karakuchi (?). It's Hot and Spicy Ramen with pork, beef, chicken.

My Katsudon

Maki and lots of Sashimi

Yumyumyum! I was so focused on the eating part that I forgot to take note of the prices. Oh well.. I shall take note next time because we will definitely be back. :)

I'm out.


MrsLavendula said...

i love this place...just too far from where we live but you make me want to go back!

Pansitlove said...

Cza! You poked your food with chopsticks... no no!

Cza said...

@MrsLavendula You should visit it sometime soon! worth the travel :)

@Pansitlove Di na po uulit. Hehe.

docgelo said...

i miss little tokyo in makati as much as i miss the real city in japan! oh my, those were my days.
sarap ng jap food!