Thursday, January 27

Ripley's Believe It or Not

During our US trip as well, we went to the Ripley's Museum at Branson, Missouri. We wanted to go in but then decided that taking pics outside the place would be enough because the entrance fee was pricey (I don't remember the price though). Or maybe we were all really hungry and grumpy already that all we wanted to do was eat. :P

Hope you still like the pics.. :)

I'm out.


kg said...

mukhang malaki-laking lugar yan ha! :)

i'm curious kung ano mga nsdiscover nyo dyan. :)

docgelo said...

fascinating! i find their facade cute, haha!

in as much as we wanted to experience ripley's in genting highlands here in malaysia last december, time ate up our schedule. there's always a next time.

Chyng said...

Im a fan of the unbelievable too!

Share mo naman yung items sa loob ^_^