Wednesday, January 12

The simple joys of life

Start of the year and one of the first things I got for myself... is a Sun (Wireless) Broadband. We had the wired Smart Broadband at home for more than 3 years already and it's the first time I switched.

The plan I got was this one :

So far... so good! There are 'down time' too just like other providers.. and ironically, it's during the wee hours of the night when there's no 'sun'. Go figure. :P It's cheaper from our previous Smart plan by P200. Plus, it's really pretty neat that I'm able to go online anywhere as long as I have Jacob (my laptop) with me and Mr. Sun (yes, it has a name too). :P Thank you technology! Makes me wanna get an Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I'm out.

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