Monday, September 20

Old Love

I love "Old Love". The kind of love that old couples share. It's unpretentious, good silly and it warms my heart. I love seeing old couples walking in the mall with holding hands like there's noone else around. The simple acts of love they share like holding the newspaper while the other reads, or handing over tissue or handkerchiefs to one another while they eat. <3

I wish and hope I grow old and experience the same kind of love with Arvic of course! :)

Today is my parents' Wedding Anniversary. My papa calls it "Mama's victory day". It's because she won him daw. Haha! :) Happy Anniversary super couple! :)

I'm out.


docgelo said...

i have high respect to those couples who exert efforts in keeping their love alive! happy anniversary to whom you consider your favorite couple. =)

Photo Cache said...

love reading your recent us adventure. are you back in pi now?

what i love to see about old couples is their bickering in public. you know their bickering isn't anything new and that they still are madly in love with each other despite all the bickering.

kg said...

kakatawa naman dad mo..."mom's victory day!" i bet one of the secrets of them staying together this long is humor!

happy anniv to them!

witsandnuts said...

The first time I read your tweet about Victory Day, I couldn't stop to be kilig. Happy anniversary to your parents!