Thursday, September 2

Farmville - The real one :P

When we were in San Jose, I noticed that there were lots of houses in the area we were staying in and each of them have their own lawn but with just 1-2 trees then a grass lawn. So imagine my surprise when my Ninong told me that he owned a small farm just a few miles away from his house. He says the lot is government owned and they just pay a small annual fee.

Ladies and gentlemen... a real-life Farmville experience :)

Fresh veggies, fresh berries, and a hobby. Pretty neat! :)

I'm out.


docgelo said...

i welcome going to farm sometimes but thinking of doing farming is another topic. mas madali ata ang mag-farmville kasi walang forces of nature na kalaban at may unwither minsan =)

kg said...

ang cute nung berries!!!

calvin said...

yan yata yung farm ko sa famrville. ganyan din yung layout eh. hehehe. :P