Wednesday, September 15

Hello Miss Liberty

To be able to go to the Statue of Liberty, one needs to go through 'inspection'. There was a tent set-up before the ship boarding area. One needs to go here and have everything checked ala-airport style. :) Safety first!

Boat pics ahead! :D

Here we gooooo :)

Andy with Mamu (nice smile wani!)

Andy with Mamu and Papa

Andy saying: Small o! :)

And now finally.. we see her upclose...

We come in peace Miss Liberty :)

Lookie here, a color-coordinated cute family. I bet noone's getting lost. :P

I'm out. ;D


kg said...

naalala ko security sa liberty island, parang pang airpor!

ang cute ng pics nyo! :)

Thea said...

Fab photos of NY and Liberty. Bookmarking your blog!

Cza said...

@kg - yeah, para talaga syang airport :D

@thea - hey! thanks :D