Monday, September 6

Grand Central Terminal

I was so happy I got the chance to go to the Grand Central Terminal. Before, I only see this place in movies!!! :D

I have always been a fan of nice ceilings. There were lots of figures in the ceiling, I think they're zodiac-sign inspired.

Of course we took family pics :)

Hay New York... I miss you already...

I'm out. ;D


witsandnuts said...

Nice. I'm reminiscing about the movies. ;)

kg said...

wow! ang ganda naman nyan! dyan ba yung isang scene sa my best friend's wedding? :)

docgelo said...

i only wish train stations in manila (yes, even those lrt & mrt) were as good as that in NYC.

Cedric said...

Oh and I envy you. Great place, nice photos. :) Thanks for sharing!

Chyng said...

grand indeed.
reminds me of "frozen grand central" sa youtube, Ü