Sunday, September 19


While walking along Wall Street, we ended up passing by NYSE. And because a close friend of mine works in NYSE - New York Stock Exchange (Manila IT office), I just had to take pics for him. :)

As expected it was heavily guarded.

Us in NYSE ;)

Andy's poses.. hilarious! I have no idea why he's doing it.

I'm out.


kg said...

imagine mo na lang ang kaguluhan na nagaganap sa loob nyan! he he!

was able to go inside our stock exchange building once...kahit econ grad ako, di ko gets! :)

witsandnuts said...

I've always wanted to walk along Wall Street (since highschool!). :)

Cza said...

@kg - grabe nga talaga ata! May mga nakita kaming mga tagadun nagsicigarette break, mukha silang mga super stressed!

@witsandnuts - you should!!! :D funny lang if you're a tourist kasi you'll standout.