Wednesday, May 12

Yes, I voted!

.. and I was voter 297 in our precinct.

My comments about the new system? I liked it. :) I think it's more organized than previous elections (well at least in our precinct at Nueva Ecija). I witnessed one ballot get rejected in our precinct, the old lady was disheartened. Sobrang naawa nga ako e... :(

My comments on the winners? CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you serve the country well. I'm still a bit disappointed that we still have "old-timers" for senators and a lot of "celebrities" won local positions, name-recall still works. When will most of us ever learn? Tsktsk. Oh well.

Time to unite, time to clean-up, time to be positive. Come on Pinas, Kaya to! :)

I'm out.


kg said...

ako pang 627...but that was 5pm in the afternoon na. kaka excite ano? i mean voting in the first automated elections! :)

Kayni said...

very well said - "time to unite."

Chyng said...

yes, let's be positive. the people has casted the votes, so respeto sa gusto ng commoners. hihi (bitter)

all the best for the yellow army! Ü

docgelo said...

ako maaga nung lunes, number 76 sa presinto ko. =) it took me more than 2 hours to vote but all worth the wait and every drop of sweat.

i like the smell of optimism in this post! nice one, cza! we all need that.

Dea said...

My little sister's ballot got rejected din, pasmado kase siya. Kawawa naman, excited pa naman, it was her first time to vote.