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Wining and Dining

We have been frequent diners (and drinkers?) at Barcino ever since they opened up at Greenbelt. We initially go there for the wine...

But lately we're loving the food as well.

Cordon Bleu

Bread Platter
Paella Negra

The bread was ordinary though, we were expecting different kinds of bread in a "bread platter", I wonder what happened... The Paella Negra is a must try. And the Chicken Cordon Bleu was yummy as well.

One main concern I have regarding Barcino though is that it was not just once but twice already wherein we were ordering for red wine priced at around P500 - P800, then we were told that that particular brand was not available so they offered a different brand, we asked if it's in the same price range of the one we were ordering earlier and we were given a nod (which means yes right???) then when we got our bill we were REALLY surprised to find out that the wine we had was in the P1000-P1300 range. When we confronted the waiter about it, he told us that he didn't confirm that the wine was at the range of P500-P800. And he even had the nerve to point which wine we had from the winelist. Grrrrr... We were too angry yet sleepy (from the wine) to continue arguing so we just paid for it. Plus, the place looked so festive, we would not like to ruin the night of the other customers anyways.

Therefore, I am sooooooo excited to go to Barcino again to see if we experience it again, that'll be strike # 3 already and I'll make sure I'll stay sober and go directly to the manager to report this. Tsktsktsk.

Bottomline, the ambiance of the place, the food and the wine is still good. It also has free wifi available for their customers. The service? Hmmm I'll check on it on my next visit and let you know. ;)

I'm out.


Calvin said…
mmmm... cordon bleu looks yummy indeed. next time, i-hidden video mo yung pagorder ng wine. hehehe.
witsandnuts said…
Paella negra! Gimme gimmeeeee! Tagal ko ng gusto yan pero wala akong makita dito. Kelangan ko ng pag aralan lutuin.
docgelo said…
some waiters need to be educated with proper service to customers. sabi nga ng mga kinder, 'honesty is still the best policy' so why they have to hide the real price of those bottles; such an irk to the diners of course. nonetheless, the paella negra had me in this post. now i'm craving! =)
Anonymous said…
like the Cordon Bleu looks so yummy pero 3 pcs lang talaga?
dyosa said…
Verify the price before opening the bottle. If the waiter was dishonest, don't think twice about reporting him to the manager. You're now considered a frequent visitor/guest, so don't ever think twice of correcting/pointing out bad customer service.

The cordon bleu looks fab, btw.
Sendo said…
paella negra..ano yan? caviar ba yan? napaka ignoramus ko haha...ang cozy ng place tsaka sarap nung mga pictures hehe...
What a bummer! I guess you were given a more potent (and more pricey) wine so you end up too "sleepy" even to dispute after :)
ChaCha said…
it's the same thing that hppened to us before right?.. yun na ba yung strike 1?

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