Monday, May 3

Sugar Beach

While we were in Bantayan, it was a trip from one beach to another.. After a relaxing and enjoyable day spent at Virgin Beach/Island, we were given a chance to spend the next afternoon at Sugar Beach. To get to this beach, you won't really need a boat, you just need to travel by land via tricycle, pedicab or multicab. :)

We opted for the multicab...

And voila... Welcome to Sugar Beach.

The beach was really nice and clear. The sand was just like that of Bohol. Not as powdery as Bora but it was close. :) What I do not like about Sugar Beach is the lack of places or stalls to buy food and drinks. There was none by the beach.. well at least at the shore we chose to camp on. There are lots of cabanas for rent but are too small in my opinion. Most of the people who stayed in the cabanas brought their own food. Maybe next time we should do the same. :)

I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

Wow, I liked that photo of yours peeking through the leaves. =)

kg said...

di naman madaming ants dyan? :)

mukhang enjoy na enjoy talaga ha!