Wednesday, May 5

Glug glug glug

I have never been a coffee-drinker. I would like to believe that work-stress drove me to it. And yes, the Starbucks planner too. :P Since I've been drinking lots of it lately, I was a little curious to find out if too much of it would be really harmful.. and of course, how much is "too much"?

I found this site >>

You'll be asked to 'pick your poison' , you get to choose from a wide array of coffee choices. Next you enter your weight, special note: DO NOT LIE! :P

Then you get your results.. Mine is:

Okay... I think I'm safe. For now. :)
How about you?

I'm out.


kg said...

this is amusing! good thing i don't drink coffee! :)

EM said...

I am drinking coffee while reading your post:P Goodluck to us!

Calvin said...

hehehe astig. unfortunately just heard from the doc that i should cut down on caffeine. oh well.