Monday, May 31

Hmmm.. where to go?

This is what I'm feeling right at this very moment as I type this entry. Torn between roads, being pulled here and there by decisions I know I NEED and WANT to make. Oh well... This is what having a lot of free time do to people.

Think think think... choose choose choose.

Sabe ko nga sa twitter "Come on universe, please want what I want for myself..." Yes, I need that extra push. Again.

I'm out.


^-^ said...

Just believe sis. Wherever the universe brings us... Diba when you want something too bad, the universe will conspire to make it happen daw. :)

Chyng said...

Just go where your heart leads you to! ♥

kayni said...

i'm sure you'll find the right decision in due time :). good luck.

docgelo said...

just read in your fb that your in sg again. enjoy! =)

Sendo said...

i hope you're better now....1 week after this post ^^