Wednesday, May 5


I don't really love LOVE greens, but salads like these ones make me love them every once in a while.

Earle's Asian Salad

Secret Recipes' Caesar Salad

Yes, I'm semi-cheating with all those turkey cutlets and eggs. But what the heck, at least I appreciate salads more now. :)

I'm out.


iyaiyayow said...

havent tried the salads there yet. yung cakes ang gusto ko! yummy!

PansitLove said...

when i make a steak salad, mas marami pa yung steak sa salad. Hahaha!

docgelo said...

salad-lover : me!

Chyng said...

Mango salads are my favorites!

Kayni said...

lol...same here. i don't like fresh green salads. i prefer boiled kangkong or talbos ng kamote with soy sauce and calamansi.

Sendo said...

naglalaway ako..gusto ko to pangbreakfast ah..

Cza said...

@iya - oooh.. i should try their salad next time. :)

@pansitlove - haha! ang healthy ha. :P

@docgelo - yay for you! :D

@chyng - ;D sarap!

@kayni - that's what we call pinoy salad! :)

@Sendo - go go breakfast! :D