Monday, August 3

What a sight.. .What a life. Goodbye Madame.

I had work today and was dreading the heavy traffic I was about to go into when I left the house. I got a cab (it was coding day for the car) and prayed that it won't be a long ride. On my way to Makati I passed by EDSA. It was around 1030am and people were getting ready to pay their respects for Cory. Banners here and there.. a sea of people in yellow were starting to form already. I was disappointed that I forgot to bring Rhino (my camera) today... Tsktsk. What a sight to see.

While I was at the cab, the driver started a conversation. It went....

Manong Driver: "Grabe no, ganyan kamahal ng tao si Cory. Parang yung kay Ninoy din nung 1983 no? Naalala mo pa ba?
Me: "Ay Manong, wala pa po ako nun e."
Manong Driver: "Ay sobrang bata ka pa pala... dapat eto hindi mo mamiss. Nakakapangilabot no?"
Me: "Oo nga po e.."

And that did it for me.. I decided there and then that I must be part of this. So when I got to RCBC, I logged in, then went down with Arvic, found a spot then waited patiently for President Cory's procession.

It was a sight to see. It was hot and windy then cloudy then hot again... but people kept waiting and waiting. It was amazing and I was pretty proud that this time around, I was part of it. The sunburn was worth it. :)

Rest in peace Madame... It was a life well lived.

photo is from here. Thanks! :)

I'm out.


Mari said...

I saw pictures of the funeral passing Ayala Avenue and I was so touched by the outpouring of love by the people. I tell you, I have to hold back tears. It may be silly of me, but it really touched the core of my heart.

Tutubi, a blogger posted it on his blog. He's on my blogroll as Budget Travel Philippines.

Bloghopping from...somewhere. I lost track already. LOL

Cza said...

Hi Mari! Thanks for visiting.. I held back tears too. It was really touching. :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Grabe talaga tao parang na-relive yung 1983 funeral ni Ninoy Aquino (heheh teenager na ko nun hehehe).

kg said...

buti ka pa...nasilayan mo man lang. kami dito, we're waiting for her hearse to pass (we live along south super highway). it's nice to show respect eve in your own small way.

prinsesamusang said...

napanood ko yung funeral maghapon sa tv LOL ang cool part ka ng history ah. kahit satv iba yung dating eh, nakaka amaze. sabi nila ganun nga din daw yung kay ninoy dati kaso wala pa din ako sa mundo nun eh LOL