Sunday, August 9

Liway, our new baby Maltese

The latest addition to our growing family. :)

Meet Liway.. named after my grandmother Liwayway because they share the same birthday. :) There are still talks of changing her name to Yawyaw just so it'll be "updated". She's a 3-week old Maltese puppy (the pic was taken when she was just 2 weeks old). She does nothing but eat and sleep. She's soooooo cute! It's nice how a dog's maternal instinct automatically kicks in after giving birth, Peachy (Liway's mom) really knew what to do right away. What a sight to see. :)

We'll take good care of you puppy.. Welcome to the world :)

I'm out.


kristi sarmiento said...

cza! ang cute naman ni liway. :-)

ALiNe said...

Hang Chute.... Pinch liway cheek.. Penge anak ni liway ..haha!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

After seeing those two cute twins of Roger in your previous post, I'm glued looking at your ├╝ber cute puppy.

leydi said...

aaaaw soooo tiny pa! :) cute! :)

prinsesamusang said...

very cute! napaka adorable! there is something about babies, human or animals, that makes me want to squish them LOL

Rico said...

Uuuuy! So cute nga!

Cza said...

@kristi - manay sa akin? :P haha!

@aline - ang lambot nyan.. hindi ko mapinch.

@The Nomadic Pinoy - hahaha! cute cute tlaga :)

@leydi - yeah... cuddly cuddly cuddly.

@prinsesamusang - i agree! really really adorable tlaga.

@Rico - mana sa akin? :P

Dennis Villegas said...

wow what a cute little darling ;)