Tuesday, August 25

The Old Fashion Way

Now, it's really rare to find people exchanging written notes of hi-hello. Even quotes from books are being forwarded through text already. Blogs have more or less been a replacement for written diaries as well... I love writing. I miss writing. My penmanship's getting uglier by the day.

So what's this all about?

Well I just feel really lucky that I have a boyfriend who still believes that it's sweet to shower people with cards and written notes. :) I got 3 from him again on our Anniversary!!! I'll be adding this to the other cards I got from him from previous celebrations. :) I must remind myself to buy a box for the cards so I can keep them in good shape for future reminiscing. ^__^

I love love love it! :)

And yes, the Ipod too. :) Annie is the newest member of our gadget-y family. Haha!

Thank you Dear!

I'm out.


arvic said...

awwwwww.. glad you liked it dear..
happy anniv!.. love you! love you! :)

Sidney said...

How sweet from your boyfriend!
Keep him !

kg said...

see.. no need for expensive gifts diba?

akin na lang yun ipod! he! he!

aNnE said...

happy happy cza and arvic!! :-)
i LOVE your ipod's name btw! haha!

Mishuuu pakner! :)

princess_dyanie said...

ang sarap at ang saya ng feeling pag may narereceive pa rin tayo ng sulat anoh? in this digital world, iba pa rin ang feeling ng handwritten.

happy anniv to the both of you! :)

ALiNe said...

hiyee.. congratz!

Cza said...


tenchu tenchu tenchu! :D

dyosa said...

Awww, happy happy to both of you!

Annie is a beauty. :-)

Filipino Social Network said...

wow.. ang sweet naman... hay.. God Bless sa inyong dalawa..