Sunday, August 2

Old Vine

It has been ages since I last visited Eastwood City. The recent makeup session we had gave me a chance to go there and boy was I surprised at how the place has changed. Too many buildings already... This isn't the way I remembered it to be.

Anyway, because of that we got the chance to have lunch at Old Vine. I was told that the place was owned by Tessie Tomas. So maybe that explains why there's a salad named after her. I was also told that it has similar dishes as Duo. So I excitedly checked out their menu.

I can say that we were happy with the soup, bread, and our main courses. Too bad I don't remember each dish name. (Kai, Eliza, Anne.. help?) I give two thumbs up to the The Garlic Steak and Filet Mignon Arvic and I ordered. Plus, I loved the ambiance! :)

I will be back to try out the Pasta dishes. Plus, there's a lot more to try out and visit at Eastwood city and the new mall. :)
I'm out.


Panaderos said...

A very pretty and relaxing place judging from the pics you posted. The food does look very good and appetizing. Too bad that it will probably take me a while before I get to visit it. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Rico said...

Looks nice nga. I've heard good reviews about the Tessie Tomas salad too but have yet to try it out myself. Ang kayo kasi ng Eastwood! :(

goodfor2 said...

they say its the best resto in eastwood, we have to try it yet though

Cza said...

@Panaderos - You're welcome! :)

@Rico - Hehe! O nga e.. effort puntahan. Pero nice naman! :)

@goodfor2 - ooooh.. I'm glad we got to try it then. Go go sa pagtry. :)

dyosa said...

Hmmm, ma-try nga. Ang layo lang kasi ng Eastwood eh lalo na if you're coming from the South area.

Pero I'll make time for this. I also want to try Eastwood Mall's new movie house. :-)

Cza said...

@dyosa - go go try it out! :D the movie house is pretty neat too :)

gourmandtales said...

will try this out:)