Sunday, August 9

My 4th Favorite Dad :)

Of course my own Papa's number 1 on my list.
Then my Dada (Mama's Dad), and my Lolo (Papa's Dad).

Then the 4th one is......

My Roger! :)

He's now a proud father of twin girls. Such a cute family. :)

I'm out.


kg said...

oh my gosh cza! super super like ko si federer! he's so cute at ang galing pa mag-tennis! the best! and he's sooooo nice diba?

thanks for sharing this pic! [i've been looking for their pic since myrka gave birth.]it made my day! they all look so cute together! haaay!

Rico said...

Sabi ko na nga ba si KG unang makaka-appreciate basta about Federer!

Cza said...

@kg - ang cute di ba??? ^___^ I love him!

@Rico - hahaha! pareho kaming fan!