Sunday, August 16

My favorite meal of the day

... is breakfast! :) It sets the mood of my day. But lately I've been skipping breakfast because the call of my bed is stronger. =\ This is one of the reasons why I really don't like being on midshift. It changes my eating habits.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to wake up early and start the day/week right. Headed to work earlier than usual then had breakfast (well more or less brunch already) with Arvic at Hexagon. I was craving for pancakes and he was craving for some Eggs Benedict.

What I like about the place is the ambiance. It gives you just the right setup to have a break from work. Plus, it has free WiFi too.

The pasta dishes are great for lunch too.
4th floor, RCBC Plaza
I'm out.


princess_dyanie said...

uy kelan ka pumunta? we were there din pero lunch naman. midshift ka na? pareho tyo! haha! sabay tayo break minsan! :P

witsandnuts said...

Breakfast is my most fave meal! Miss ko na ang RCBC Plaza. :(

backpacking philippines said...

i'm a dinner person hehe...been a long time since i visited rcbc plaza

kg said...

ako din, my favorite is breakfast! dun lang ako nakakakain ng heavy!

have a grat week cza!

Rico said...

Kami rin yesterday eggs ben and cream cheese and bagel yung breakfast, kaso CBTL in ATC. Fave breakfast items din namin yun!

prinsesamusang said...

it's hard for me to have breakfast. i feel like my stomach is still sleeping LOL

Cza said...

@princess_dyanie - game! lilibre mo ko? :P

@witsandnuts - awwwww.. when you come home. tara! let's have breakfast. :)

@backpacking philippines - hehe. I love dinner too! kaso naguiguilty ako after a hearty dinner kasi sobrang full pag natulog.

@kg - have a great week too kg! :D correct naman daw na heavy breakfast :)

@Rico - uuuuy, we're frequent CBTL breakfast peeps too!!! :D Sarap ng Eggs Ben plus refillable coffee pa! :D

@prinsesamusang - haha! masasanay din ang tummy. :D

leydi said...

breakfast din fave ko! i wonder how others survive without breakfast! hehe

Aimee said...

wow... where's this? the food looks yummy!

Cza said...

@leydi - me too! everytime I miss it.. i feel so down. haha!

@aimee - sa RCBC Aims, 4th floor. :D