Friday, June 3

Shoes :)

Yes I am a shoe-lover. I'm a girl.. so shoot me. =P Here's my two latest purchase -->

From Muji. I needed black shoes for work. Oh yes, may justification pa talaga. :P

From Naturalizer.I needed shoes with heels to practice on. Naturalizer was the best option because their shoes are comfy. Even the ones with really high heels.

O-ha.. parang pareho lang ng pose. :))

More shoe posts coming soon! :P

I'm out.


Grace de Castro said...

i can relate cza! i used to be a shoe person too [in addition to being a bag and a watch person]. but in my quest for downsizing, i changed my way of thinking. ngayon, when it comes to shoes and bags, i try to go for whatever works for many types of attire. i go for neutral colors para pwede ibagay sa madaming damit at sa kahit anong occasion. my goal ay only five to six pairs of shoes. he he! possible kaya?

ice_Qt said...

kaya pala mukhang comfy, naturalizer!

MrsLavendula said...

nice loot! =) its funny, i sometimes buy shoes and love them too much to wear them and get the soles dirty...weird right?! hehehe! oh well, girls and our love for shoes!

Jam Santos said...

good shoes take you to good places. :)
i love naturalizer as well. they're super comfy!