Thursday, June 16

100 Green Years.. and a lot more ahead :)

My Alma Mater just turned 100 years today. What a milestone. :)

I still remember the day we paid for the reservation fee for DLSU. I wasn't really that decided to go to DLSU just yet but it was a good option to have. I wanted to go to UST, primarily because Mama, Papa and my sister were alumni of UST. We all grew up thinking we'll graduate from the same university our parents came from right? Plus I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, so UST was the obvious choice. ADMU was also on my list, it was close to home plus I'm pretty sure I'll have friends there and most of them will be from the 'north', really convenient. In the end I chose DLSU.. took up Computer Studies/Science, majored in Computer Engineering and met the greatest group of people ever and created unforgettable memories. :)

So if you ask me now if I think I made the right choice? I won't deny that sometimes I still have certain what-ifs I'd like answered, but most definitely I love being a La Sallian and I thank DLSU for all the lessons learned, friendships discovered, and for seriously teaching me about dealing with life in general. Everything happens for a reason, and ending up spending my college years in DLSU was worth risking all those what-ifs. :)

I bleed green. :) ANIMO LA SALLE! Hail hail hail! :)

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

paano naman ang IBM... 100 years na rin... pero blue naman sya =P

Bernice Isabel said...

Same experience sis. I wanted to go to UP and take Chemistry though since 2nd year High School I also wanted to go to La Salle and take any business management couse. Yup, everything happens for a reason.

Nice blog. Love it. =)

Bernice Isabel said...

Same experience Sis. Mine, I wanted to go to UP and take Chemistry. But what I've remembered when I was in 2nd year HS, I also target DLSU as my university and take any business management course. Yup, everything happens for a reason.

Nice blog, love it.

Jackson said...

Animo Cza! :) Kung walang DLSU di tayo magkakakilala! Namiss tuloy kita! Hooray for DLSU! :)

sally said...

hi cza!andun ako sa event yesterday!ang daming tao :)

ako naman i wanted to go to UP Diliman, eh sa UP Manila ako nilagay. so nagDLSU ako kasi after talaga ako sa course na comsci eh hehe.

pero sa lahat din ng naexperience ko wala akong regret na nag-la salle ako :)

kg said...

natawa ako sa linya mo na "i bleed green."

ako naman cza, i deliberately did not take exams sa la salle, as i felt it would be an extension of my high school (CSA). feeling ko dun din pupunta maraming augustinians. i wanted a breath of fresh air! He he! kaya sa UPLB ako bumagsak. and yes, i believe i was put there for a reason! :)