Wednesday, June 8

Cubao's Getting Prettier

Last Monday, I met up with Arvic and had early dinner at Gateway Mall. We weren't really craving for anything in particular but we both decided we wanted Ramen, so we ended up at Teriyaki Boy.

We were seated the the couch area and got a really nice view of one part of Araneta Center.

I live near Cubao and I'm happy that the Araneta Center is getting cleaner and little by little being developed. I hear a lot of friends are afraid to frequent the area due to 'takot' of being held-up and the like. I've been living in Cubao for more than 20 years and I never (and hopefully will never ever) experienced being held-up. I'm even more scared of Taft, Manila, Divisoria.. Hehe. Biased ba? :P

Anyway, I noticed also that now there are more trees in the area. Lookie!

Good job! More treeeeees please. :)

I'm out.


Janine said...

Oooooh trees. That's actually one of the reasons I like working in Emerald Ave., Ortigas. Parang ang relaxing ng dating kasi.

docgelo said...

i miss gateway mall and i guess the same feelings for tina and gabby. we used to live one lrt station away from gateway kaya gamay na gamay namin ang cubao! hahaha...

na miss ko din bigla ang teriyaki boy, pati na din cibo sa gateway.

i agree with you, all establishments should improve for greener earth! more trees please!
pero unlike you, hindi ako takot sa taft, recto at divisoria, hahaha! medyo kabisado ko ang mga lugar na yan. :P

kg said...

MORE TREES! hope we can be like singapore, which is very urbanize but still very green.