Monday, June 27

Feeling nasa Abroad :P

Guess where we are???

Well.. that circular tree thing is a giveaway... :P That's in the middle of Burgos Circle area. :) Isn't it nice? A patch of green in the middle of tall buildings/condos. A lot of people walk their dogs in that area too during the afternoon.

I'm out.


witsandnuts said...

Parang sa SG!

kg said...

i have no idea where that is! he he! south person ako! :)

but it is nice, to have that kind of place amidst all the concrete!

Manila Girl said...

Central Park? :-P Haha. Wish they'd put up more green areas like this here! It's definitely a sight for sore city eyes.

docgelo said...

i love that larger than life beautiful art installation of that steel tree! nakakamiss ang pinas! di bale, ilang buwan na lang bakasyon na kami dyan sa pasko.