Friday, June 10


The waiting is over. No more countdowns for us. He's home!!! :)

My nephew Andy is back in Manila for 2 months!!!! We are soooo happy to see him again after close to a year of him staying in the US. See our smiles ;D

Me, Andy, Ivan

Papa, Andy, Mamu
Of course ang pinakahappy sa lahat are the grandparents... :) Miss na miss talaga nila sya. :)

And what does he want for his first lunch here....

Jollibee 2-pc Burgersteak
Ang lakas talaga ni Jollibee sa Pinoy kids... :) Andy actually consumed 2 2-pc burgersteaks in less than 15 mins. Gano nya kamiss. :)

My June and July will mostly be spent with the family. More memories and fun times ahead. :)

I'm out.


kg said...

WOW! ang saya naman! enjoy your time with him! :)

iba talaga ang jollibee! mapa-bata, mapa-matanda...yan ang gusto! :)

docgelo said...

reunions either with family and/or friends are always fun!

i was smiling while browsing this post for this is the second blog that i've visited today that featured jollibee! waaah, miss na namin jollibee!