Wednesday, May 25

Wrestle Me! :P

I'm a girl but I love watching Wrestling! Yes, that's true. I remember watching the Royal Rumble when they went here years ago. I watched with Mama and my brother and cousins if I remember it correctly. I know it's fake.. I know it's scripted.. but it's entertaining. I also get sad whenever I hear a number of them are dead already. Just recently it was Macho Man Randy Savage.

He was a good-bad guy. You can't really decide which side he was on. I loved his friendship-rivalry with Hulk Hogan. Rest In Peace Macho Man.

I also read this article saying that most of previous wrestlers are dead already... around 25% of them. You can read about it here. A lot of deaths were caused by either a drug overdose or a heart attack. I was really surprised to know that Elizabeth (Macho Man's Elizabeth) died of a drug overdose. =\

So here's me playing with a friend's son's toys... Naaliw lang ako talaga na meron pa palang may gusto sa kanila. :)

I'm out.


kg said...

"Naaliw lang ako talaga na meron pa palang may gusto sa kanila. :)"

naku cza, marami pa sila...mostly matatanda pa! he he!

ana6elle said...

ako rin umiiyak pako pag natatalo dati si Hulk Hogan ni Ultimate Warrior :'( haha. Favorite namin ni Rex laruin ang wrestling!