Monday, May 23

Diet (na naman!)

I love weddings! I love the feel of it, the planning, the anticipation and everything else connected to it. If there's one thing I kinda dread about it... it's the taking of measurements for the gowns. Haha! Yes, I am a bridesmaid again. This time around it's for one of my closest friends, Aimee! She went home last week and we were scheduled to have our measurements taken. Oh.The.Horror!!!

We met up with the designer, Miss Gretchen Pichay. Here's a pic with her...

We were asked about what designs we wanted. We were negotiating sleeves for our gowns... hehe. She told us it would look really nice if we all didn't have sleeves. Pero pero pero pano ang arms na malalaki?!?! Yes, that was our dilemma. Haha! So when all was said and drawings were done, we all agreed that since this was our first meeting and initial measurements were made, we'll see as we progress with the fitting if we do lose enough weight to be confident with going sleeveless. And thus, the dieting and exercising begins again. :) My action plan? Less eating, more exercising. I already bought the 50% coupon for Bikram Yoga so go go go me! :D Let's do this! :D

The rest of the pics:

Haaaaaay.. here's to  hoping we get to reach our goals. :D

I'm out.


kg said...

ako din...i don't want to show my arms! he he!

kaya mo yan cza! go go go!

ana6elle said...

kaya yan! DL mo Shred in 30 days by Jillian Michaels. Kapagg tamad days you can do it for just 23-25 mins a day, but no resting. :)